The Border Meets the Fight for $20

The open border has moved from Texas to California.  Curiously, this leads to an outcome of the fight for $20 minimum wage.  Read on.

Fox reporter Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_ on X) is known for two things:

  1. His fabulous hair, andBill Melugin The Border Meets the Fight for $20
  2. His coverage of the situation at the U.S. southern border.

Bill started out in Texas.  When that state started enforcing border protection, he (along with the hordes of illegal immigrants) moved to California.

Bill’s been spending a lot of time in Jacumba, an unincorporated community in the far south of California. In fact, you can’t get much further south: 

Jacumba map The Border Meets the Fight for $20

(click for larger image)

Technically, the town (population 561) is named Jacumba Hot Springs. The town’s main feature is … wait for it … the hot springs.  

Jacumba Hot Springs Hotel Villa The Border Meets the Fight for $20

Jacumba Hot Springs Hotel Villa. Price subject to change without notice. (click for larger image)

But it’s right on a highway that’s perilously close to the border.

Jacumba map detail The Border Meets the Fight for $20

Which brings me to the fight for $20.  Bill describes the lunch situation at the local Subway:

Bill Melugin on Jacumba


You probably remember that California recently mandated a $20 minimum wage for fast-food workers.  This is one restaurant’s response to that situation.

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