Does Your Doctor Have a Degree From UCLA Medical School?

Does your doctor have a degree From UCLA Medical School?  If so, and it’s dated any time during the last five years, our advice: find a new doctor.  Here’s why (courtesy of Aaron Sibarium, @AaronSibarium).  Aaron’s full thread is at the end of this piece.  Here, I’ll just post selected excerpts.

Aaron Sibarium Does Your Doctor Have a Degree From UCLA Medical School

Aaron Sibarium

Let’s start at the beginning:

NEW: For 5+ years, UCLA medical school refused to give its own faculty data on the link between MCATs and student performance.

And when whistleblowers tried to come forward about illegal admissions practices, UCLA refused to give them a written guarantee of non-retaliation.

Since at least 2018, the school has refused to provide members of its faculty oversight board data on the relationship between admitted students’ academic credentials and their performance in medical school, two former members of that board said.

Wow.  For at least five years the UCLA medical school has refused to report on the relationship between their incoming students’ academic preparedness and their performance in the school. (The MCAT is the standardized test required for admission to medical school.)

Not surprisingly, the root of the problem is in the admissions office:

The November data request was filed by a UCLA professor and came as whistleblowers were preparing to participate in an internal probe of the medical school’s dean of admissions, Jennifer Lucero, conducted by UCLA’s Discrimination Prevention Office.

Faculty had observed a decline in student preparedness since she was hired in 2020, five professors told the Beacon, while admissions officers had seen their colleagues, led by Lucero, lower standards for minority applicants in violation of state law.

This is as sordid as any story about higher education in recent memory.



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