A California Crime Victim Speaks

A recent episode of Chicks on the Right included a segment featuring a California crime victim speaking about his experience.  With considerable help from Otter.ai, I produced a transcript of the segment.  As mentioned in the pdf version below, I’ve probably screwed up a few things in the transcript.  I strongly recommend listening to the audio.  Here’s the relevant pullquote (the business owner – crime victim’s words).

pullquote A California crime victim speaks


This is a terrific summary of what’s wrong with California. A large majority of voters meet one definition of insanity.  They keep electing Democrats but expect different results.

MOCK A California crime victim speaks

Mock loves lemurs!

DAISY A California crime victim speaks

Daisy loves coffee!

The Chicks on the Right are Miriam Weaver (Mock) and Amy Jo Clark (Daisy).  I first encountered them on WIBC (Indianapolis) where they had a morning show with producer and co-host Rob Kendall.  They have since moved on to writing on their website and producing a daily podcast (except on weekends, holidays, and personal leaves).  If you’re conservative but still have your senses of humor and fun, you might give them a try.  Added bonus: the video version of their podcast is on Facebook (except when Meta censors them), Locals, and Rumble.

CA voter speaks 2



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