Kamala, Mock, and Day-Z Comment on President Biden’s Age

On November 29, the Chicks on the Right (Mock and Day-Z) featured a clip of VP Kamala Harris.  Watch this.  Pay special attention to what Ms. Harris says about President Biden’s intelligence compared to others in the room.

Here’s the quote:

… I will tell you that he [Pres. Biden] is in front of — often — everyone in the room in terms of thinking about how we can resolve issues, …

What she’s trying to say is that Biden thinks faster and is smarter than anyone else in the room.  In fact, in any room!

Quite a claim.  But perhaps not.  Here’s what Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) thinks.

And here’s the pullquote (Sen. Kennedy speaking, emphasis added by me):

And the American people have concluded that President Biden is is old, and he needs soup and an early bedtime. And they have concluded that Vice President Harris is not capable. That when her IQ gets to 75 she should should sell.

So let’s say the IQ floor is 75.  There’s a lot of room between 75 and 100.  Perhaps — hear me out here — VP Harris is correct.  After all, she’s set a very low bar.

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