In Riverside County the Rule is One Per Pool

You read that correctly. In Riverside County the rule is one per pool regardless of the size of the pool or the participants. This rule applies to all privately owned pools used by the public.  Examples are apartment complexes, homeowners governed by an HOA, motels, hotels, and country clubs.

Alex Parker at Redstate pointed this out. He adds this bit of wit.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: The policy applies, regardless of the size of the pool.

I’m assuming the thinking is that your germs get out with you?

Also, no parties at pools will be permitted.

But parents get a pass; well, parent: “A parent or guardian” can remain with a minor to ensure his/her/zis/hirs/eirs/vers/ters/eirs safety.

Which brings me to an idea I have occasionally floated in the past.  Parents who have kids that want to go to the pool may be able to rent them to adults who also value the in-water experience.  Be warned: I am not a lawyer.  Consult legal counsel before you engage in either side of this deal.

Curious about the location of Riverside County? East of Orange County to the Arizona state line.

California Counties In Riverside County the Rule is One Per Pool

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