Senior Hours Come to the Bay Area and the U.S.

[Updated March 23, 2020 with a more complete table of vendors and hours.]

Every once in a while we get the feeling that maybe we’ve done something good for the world. In this case we promoted senior hours at local supermarkets. Today we learned that Bay Area Safeway, Whole Foods, Target, Zanotto’s, and Walmart have signed on to this idea.

Senior hours are time periods during which us old folks are allowed into the store. Since most of us are housebound for the duration of the quarantine, risk is fairly low. Nevertheless, wear nitrile gloves and, if possible, a mask. At least cover your nose and mouth with something.

Here’s the schedule.[1]

Safeway Tuesday, Thursday, opening time until 9 am 65 and older
Target Wednesdays, first hour the store is open “for vulnerable guests – including elderly and those with underlying health concerns.”
Zanotto’s Market every day, 8 to 9 am 60 and older
Whole Foods every day one hour before the official store opening time 60 and older
Walmart Tuesday, March 24 through April 24, one hour before store opens 60 and older

Here’s the personal background. About a week ago we saw a post on Twitter from Belmont Sobeys in Canada.

Belmont Sobeys announcement Senior Hours Come to the Bay Area and the U.S.

(click for larger image)

We grabbed this and tweeted it to Safeway, Whole Foods, and Albertson’s (a local chain). We’d like to think that we contributed to this outcome in some small way.

A more expansive table:

More complete schedule enior Hours Come to the Bay Area

More complete schedule (click for larger image)

  1. Sources. Target information from Walmart information from Safeway, Zanotto’s, and Whole Foods information from, All accessed March 19, 2020.


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