California Compendium

I’ve written quite a few articles about various aspects of the California economy on my blog The links below aer to that site. This is my California compendium.

[Updated November 25, 2019.]

Electricity and Water: The Sorry State of California (April, 2017)

Who Caused the Camp Fire? (November, 2019)

An Update on Proposition 1 (August, 2018)
In Drought-Prone California Politicians and Bureaucrats Find Ways To Keep the State Thirsty
(May, 2018)

Electricity and Natural Gas
Berkeley Bans Natural Gas (July, 2019)
Berkley’s Natural Gas Ban Will Cost Consumers (July, 2019)

Solar Energy
California Moves to Increase Housing Prices With a Solar Mandate (May, 2018)

How California Guaranteed an Ongoing Black Market for Pot
California Shows How to Grow a Black Market Part 1 Retailers (August, 2019)
California Shows How to Grow a Black Market Part 2 Growers (October, 2019)
Marijuana in California: Bad News For the Santa Rita Hills (August, 2019)

Off the Wall Material
Tax Revenue and the Obergefell Decision (June, 2015)
New California Law Redefines When Police Are Allowed to Use Deadly Force (August, 2019)
Another Hidden California Tax Also Increases Auto Emissions (September, 2014)
Amazon’s Proposal to California (September, 2011)

California vs Texas:
An Empirical Measurement of Residence Preferences (August, 2014)
Gov. Rick Perry Had a Message (February, 2013)

Education Issues
Schools Require Parent Participation (November, 2014)
Charter School Issues in Los Altos (September, 2013)

California Mandates Retirement Accounts – Managed by the State (July, 2013)

The California State University System
CSUEB Holds a Coronation for New President (September, 2012)
Just What the CSU Needs: Mandatory Ethnic Studies (October, 2019)

California Environmental Standards
Interesting Judicial Ruling re Commerce Clause and California Gasoline (December, 2011)

Local Issues
California Green Energy Scam (June, 2017)
Operation Choke Point and Marijuana Legalization (December, 2016)

Peter Navarro (UC Irvine alleged economist)
Who Is Peter Navarro? (April, 2017)

California Pension Systems
CalPERS Meets Reality (September, 2016)

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