AB5 Costs California One Taxpayer

Actually, probably many more.  This is the story of how AB5 costs California one taxpayer.

Jennifer van Laar has written for many publications.  She is currently is currently Deputy Managing Editor of RedState.com. And, until recently, she was a long-time California resident and taxpayer.But now she is living and paying taxes in North Carolina.

Today she was interviewed by Larry O’Connor on his morning talk show.  She discussed her reasons for making this move.  Not surprisingly, AB5 is the major motivating factor.  It helps that she lived in North Carolina for 20 years and has family there.  Click here to read her article.  The audio clip is below.  Jen gets the first 17 minutes.

It turns out we’re a few days late on this story.  On December 31 Jen made the formal announcement at RedState.com Here’s one of the many poignant quotes from that piece:

So, I’ve made the decision to again become a North Carolina resident (I lived there from 1992 through 2012) and live in exile while working to do away with AB5 so I can return to my hometown.

We’ll close with a photo of Jen with her family and friends.  We wish them luck in North Carolina and hope they’ll be able to return to California soon.

Jen, family and friends

Jen, family and friends

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