Newsom AWOL in the San Bernardino Mountains

The San Bernardino Mountains lie north and east of Los Angeles. It has been snowing up there.  A lot of snow. Some locations have already accumulated over 12 feet, with more expected from the storm systems hitting this weekend.  

Yet Gov. Newsom is AWOL in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Instead he’s busy issuing executive orders.  Not for airlifts, snowplows, and other emergency services.  No, Governor HairGel Newsom is waging war on Walgreen’s.  That large drugstore chain is guilty of following the laws in 21 states, refusing to sell mifepristone (a drug used to induce abortions) in states that have outlawed abortion. 

Yahoo seems to be keeping up to date on the story. Some residents have been trapped for two weeks.  Look at this map.  You will see three annotations that are unusual.

San Bernardino Mountains Newsom AWOL in the San Bernardino Mountains

(click for larger image)

You read that correctly.  Winter storm warnings.  Unbelievable.  The description, “Once in a generation” describes the situation very well.

At this point, about a dozen people are known to have died.  There will be more, as many residents are still trapped.  Rescue efforts have been … well, nonexistent.  As of this writing, Newsom has not declared an emergency. After all, there was no snow where he was — vacationing in Cabo San Lucas.  In fact, offers of help from the public have been turned down by government officials.

The invaluable Jen Van Laar is all over this story at  Here’s her Twitter thread:


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