AB5 is More Powerful than Pirates

Today AB5 claimed another group of victims.  Apparently AB5 is more powerful than pirates.  Below is the announcement put together to the best of my ability.  Click this link to see the full presentation.  Added bonus: authentic pirate music!

Dear Pirates and Patrons of the Northern California Pirate Festival,

 AB5 is More Powerful than Pirates

Captain “Stubby” Wood (click for larger image)

It is with heavy hearts that we share this news:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Pirate Festival.

This was not an easy decision for us, The Northern California Pirate Festival has been a labor of love and we are extremely proud of the amazing event we have created over 13 years with your attendance and support.

Due to the ambiguous wording and the lack of exemptions given to performing artists and musicians in California Bill 5 (AB5), we have experienced administrative and legal hurdles that have proven to be problematic. The Pirate Festival has always been dependent on hiring the talents of independent performing artists, and musicians to bring the golden age of piracy to life. We simply do not believe we can produce the festival without taking on a rise in costs that would prove disastrous, until the law is clarified and amended. As a result of AB5, music and other events across the state have already canceled this year. We regret that we have to be one of them.


The Kondor Brothers AB5 is More Powerful than Pirates

The Kondor Brothers (click for larger image)

In addition to this, is the possible economic fallout from the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) epidemic that is closing down events and businesses. The full impact of the virus is unknown and could both affect attendance and have longer-reaching consequences that simply cannot be predicted.

We feel that for the future of the festival, the best and safest course of action is to postpone until 2021. It pains us to make this decision, but the reality of the situation is that either of these two factors could cause the permanent cancellation of the Northern California Pirate Festival. By taking this course of action, we are trying our very best to protect the festival so that we can all continue to enjoy it and see it grow for years to come.

We have all sorts of exciting plans for our return…and we WILL BE BACK!

Thank you all for your understanding and support,

Your Pirate Pals,
Michelle & Ray Amsbury
Anna & Steve Benincas-Morales
Kathy Kingman & Mark Solum

If you would like to make your opinions known to your local legislator regarding AB5, here are some links:

This Article includes the definitions and meanings of the Borello test vs the ABC test in determining independent contractor status as well as what the Dynamex Ruling is. https://www.sonomacountygazette.com/sonoma-county-news/ab5-and-adverse-effects-for-those-it-is-meant-to-protect

​This website contains articles that have been compiled by a group of independent contractors that

have been adversely affected by AB5: https://rolls.bublup.com/Anderson/AB5articles?fbclid=IwAR1qET9lF7SdfBnPCxM6iGWX3_Jlgmb2HigtKov3MM88lRdktOSrIfiEQeQ

The Seadogs AB5 is More Powerful than Pirates

The Seadogs (click for larger image)

If you are a Facebook user you may search for “AB5” and your results will show multiple groups full of people who are telling their stories. The stories represent people in professions such as medical care workers, sign language interpreters, educators and educational administrators. Musicians and actors are not covered under the “Fine Arts” exemption and so you’ll see how many community theaters are having to close their doors and shut down programs. We encourage you to search out these stories from real people impacted by a law that was not properly vetted before being enacted.

Once you are informed, Contact your local California State Legislator. Many of the reps may not even have read the bill before endorsing it. Make your voice heard: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

Here’s their official press release.



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