San Jose Says Pot Is An Essential Business

Virtually the entire Bay Area is on lockdown, with many businesses ordered to close.  Essential businesses are exempt.  Enter the city parents in San Jose who have declared pot dispensaries essential.  According to the San Jose Mercury-News,

Dispensaries and licensed cannabis companies can remain open through the shelter-in-place order issued by Santa Clara and six other counties, the city said Tuesday.

So long as they practice social distancing measures, dispensaries are considered “essential” businesses, confirmed city spokesperson Rosario Neaves.

“In our case in the city, we’re considering medical cannabis a healthcare operation, as long as they comply with the social distancing requirements,” Neaves said Tuesday.

Pot ready or not

Pot ready or not

So far, San Jose is the only local entity in the area to make this declaration.  But we have no doubt that others will fall into line. So you can’t go to a bar or restaurant, but at least you can get high.  Oh, wait, I forgot this is medicinal marijuana.  My bad.

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